So many ideas as to what to write so here is a hodge podge of thoughts and updates:

1) Last week I signed up Sarah and Court for Kindergarten, I can’t believe it!

2) For nearly 2 weeks, my back has been much better, yay!  Of course, now my colon has been acting up.  Oy, at least I’m healthy overall.

3) My best friend is pregnant with twins and is doing great with less than a couple months to go!

4) I’m stoked as we are departing for an African safari in a couple weeks thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law!  And Im just as thankful that the other grandparents will be staying back to watch all the kids.  We are SO fortunate!

5) I’m finally back to training after a 4 month hiatus.  I am so out of shape, but am loving it all. I’m not taking anything for granted.

6) I have the BEST running coach EVER, Janet Smith-Leet.  Look her up if you need help, I know you do, we all do!!!

7) Even prior to having sponsorship with Runners High n Tri, I told everyone how impressed I was by their store and staff, Pom especially.  She is the best shoe fitter EVER!  Go see them: http://www.runnershigh-n-tri.com

8) Back to #5, I’ve been doing mainly drills in the pool and on the run the past couple months, but very little actual swimming or running.  And although I am out of shape, these have paid off.  For example, after a swim set of 12×100’s the other day, my lane mate said, ‘wow,  you were flying.’  I practice what I preach,  efficiency creates speed.  The same for running. I did a 5 mile slow run the other day and my pace was 30 seconds per mile faster than what my slow run pace was when I was in shape.

9) I find it odd that so many people think they are good to go after taking a few lessons in a sport, a couple of clinics, or the like and then are frustrated they aren’t more efficient and/or faster.  Think of any good athlete in any sport. Do you think they’ve only had a couple of lessons?  Most have had several years of lessons and/or coached workouts.  Keep the perspective, if you really want to improve, you’ll take the time to practice efficiency, and do so consistently.  There are no shortcuts.

10) Listen to your body!!!  If you are injured or coming off an injury, slowly ease back into your training, no matter how good you may feel…unless you want to really increase the risk of prolonging your recovery time.

11) If it’s important to you, you’ll find the time.


One Reply to “Mix”

  1. Can’t believe S&C are going off to school next year- Liked hearing that you are back training
    and are easing into it. Have a wonderful time in Africa. Love, M&D

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