Did you know?

I’ve asked around for some fun blog ideas and a few people mentioned I should just state some interesting facts about Coach Mary.  So, in no particular order, here we go:

1- The first parade I participated in, I twirled a baton (age 6 or so).  The last one (sophomore year of high school), I played the clarinet.

2- While growing up, I wanted to be PI, thanks in part to Hart to Hart and the like.  😉

2a- I also wanted to be a veterinarian…until I took my dog for a shot and nearly passed out.

2b- Dancing is another career I wanted to pursue. I recall watching music videos such as Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation and I so wanted to dance like that.  Unfortunately I never even had the guts to take a class, I still don’t.

3- I hate that I waste some of my precious time watching Housewives shows on occasion.

4-U2 is our favorite band.  One year, pre-kids, I saw them in concert 7 times.  Our dog is even named Clayton after band member Adam Clayton.  (Bono was too obvious).

5-My favorite post race splurge is Hostess Powdered Donnettes.  (I only do this after A races though, well, usually)!

6-I started doing triathlons in ’97, seriously and consistently since ’03.

7-I won the 200 free (the only race I KNEW I was going to win) at the Illinois High School State meet in ’89 and placed 2nd in the 100.  Had you ever told me I’d ever swim an event over 500 yards some day, I would have laughed.  Now I much prefer longer distances.

8-Being adopted was the greatest gift ever!  Thanks mom and dad, I love you oodles and oodles!

9- In college I wanted a tattoo, but didn’t get one in fear of regretting it a few years later.  Once I turned 30, I realized I still wanted one and finally got inked! I am interested in getting another one too!

10-I’m really scared of heights, yet loved skydiving!  I would never bungee jump though.

11-Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, and Washington are all states I’ve lived in.

12- My husband Scott has been my triathlon coach since ’03.  Contact him if you need one, he is looking for a few clients!

13- Homecoming Princess was  a title I obtained in high school, Student Congress President too.  And because of it, I have a friend who calls me gerd (combo of geek and nerd).

14- I took the Pepsi Challenge twice and Coke was the winner both times.

15- I majored in Sociology with a minor in Criminology, yet somehow managed to have a strong 10 year career in accounting.  I worked with companies such as Danzas, T-Mobile (managed their debt), Washington Mutual (worked in mortgage-backed securities), CSC, etc.

16- Yes, I am a certified Ham operator.  (I once worked with Icom America and it was required).

17- One of my biggest pet peeves is ending a sentence with a preposition, especially with the word ‘at.’   Ok, so you don’t need to say, ‘where’s it at,’ say, ‘where is it,’ please.  😉

18- I never had a drug until I tried Nutella last year.  BIG mistake, BIG!!!

19- The Smithereens was the first band I saw in concert.

20- I moved from Wisconsin to Illinois in the middle of 3rd grade. During the first week at my new school, Wayne Cunningham asked, ‘will go with me?’  I replied, ‘go where?’   Ah, my first boyfriend!

21- Age 4 is when I participated in my first swim meet!  It’s amazing I still love the sport!

22- I don’t care for brussel sprouts, olives, or blue cheese. (I try them at least annually too). I LOVE cheese, red wine, sushi, dates, deep dish pizza, chocolate, filet mignon, peanut butter, guacamole, garlic pasta, chai tea, ice cream, brownies, and so much more.

23- I had terrible postpartum for a few months.

24- I have a MAJOR phobia of public speaking and have worked very hard just so I can talk as a coach.

25– I love my family, my jobs, and my life!!!  I am very fortunate and appreciate all of it too.

8 Replies to “Did you know?”

  1. I was interested and had a lot of fun reading not only the personal tidbits on today’s but the older stuff as well. (That was a wonderful endorsement of coaching in general and yours in particular from that 48 year old stephen fellow. Hope he does well again this year!)

  2. 23 makes you wonderfully human and open. 17 is my TOTAL favorite, as I am a card carrying member of the grammar and punctuation police.

  3. Great, fun list Mary!!!! I learned some fun facts about you! I didn’t know you were adopted!!!!
    And, to keep it real, you should have told us your 200 Free time in 89 at State!!!!

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