Mystify, it’s what I seem to do to many doctors.  I’ve had 2 minor issues pending for a long time now; 1) an intense sporadic itch I typically get on my shoulders or wrist (this has been going on since  ’01)  and 2) back & hip pain.  I’ve been to several types doctors, from dermatologists to neurologists, to allergists, about the former and they simply can’t figure out why this happens.  There is no rhyme or reason, no allergies, no specific season this occurs…not one clue!  All I know is that at times, it’s so bad I draw blood from scratching and it can last for months at a time.  The good news is they’ve found a drug which diminishes the intensity.  So that’s the ‘end’ of that story as I’m not seeing any more doctors on that front.

Per my back, well all I can say is that I’m totally frustrated.  As many of you know, I was in a bike accident in June ’11.  I was riding with some friends when we came around a curve going about 24mph and boom, I hit a huge pothole.  I was in my aero-bars, which ended up being perpendicular to the road once I hit the hole, then I fell to the right.  I could have sworn I went over my handlebars though as that’s what I envisioned as it was all happening.  It took all my strength to get up and not cry as I was riding with a bunch of guys.  I was clearly shaken though.

Ever since, I’ve tried chiro treatments, PT, massage, acupuncture, took 4 months completely off all forms of exercise last year, and had 2 cortisone shots (which I won’t do again).  And except for acupuncture, I gave each treatment at least 3-5 months to work.  I can’t say nothing has helped, but it’s been temporary.  Now some say I will always have issues and just need to find the best way to manage the pain.  I have a difficult time swallowing that pill. What’s odd is that up until last spring, only my back had some pain.  Since then, it’s been mainly my left hip…until a few months ago, then the back pain returned too.  So on any given day now, it’s either my left hip and/or either side of my lower back.  The positive side is rarely does anything hurt while working out & the pain is rarely very intense.  The negatives include the consistency of it all and sitting is often uncomfortable for my hip.

The only thing the doctors have agreed upon with my back is that I have a slightly herniated disc, a slightly torn ligament, and a couple of slightly bulging discs. And, they are all just fine with my training routine. In fact, they encourage it in order for my body to remain strong as long as the pain remains at bay while doing so. Overall, it’s not a big deal as many people have and live with these issues sans pain and for the most part, my pain is more annoying than intense. Regardless, after reviewing my MRI, the doctors are mystified that I even have much pain.

So, I wrote the previous paragraphs a few weeks ago…and think I’ve jinxed myself as my hip has been worse the past several days. It has even hurt while running at times.  After warming up, it usually subsides, but then rears its ugly head again near the end.  I’ve been doing my prescribed exercises prior to and afterwards, nothing new in my routine so I’m very curious, more like frustrated, as to why its worse.  Anyway…I’ll be trying a new doctor soon.  Let’s see if I’ll mystify him too.

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