Sooooo much!

There is so much I’ve been wanting to blog about, but time seems to escape me.  So in nutshell fashion, I’ll try to cover several things:

1) Sarah and Courtney are growing like weeds and will turn 5 Friday!!!  This summer they’ve been busy enjoying swim lessons, Jiu Jitsu, doing bricks (bike/run workouts back-to-back and no, I’m not kidding), puzzling, drawing, working on math, developing their own styles, and gaining attitudes.  I didn’t think the latter would start so early!!!

2) After a year of some pain, my back has been better for about 2 months…or it was until a couple weeks ago.  I have no clue what happened, but the good news is it’s not bad. I’m thankful I have my health!

3) We were extremely fortunate to spend some time with Scott’s Uncle Steve and Aunt Debbie, who reside in San Jose, as they’ve been traveling the country. It was so fun to have them here and see them enjoy special moments with Sarah and Court, who adored them.

4) Dick and Kathy spent a couple weeks between our house and Augsburgers.  What fun it was to spend more than a few days with them.  Great America, painting a couple rooms, family football, and barbeques were a few things we enjoyed.

5) For the 3rd consecutive year, I was fortunate to win the Lake Zurich Triathlon.  This year seemed the hardest physically, perhaps its my age, I don’t know. My swim and run were solid, but my bike was slow…and has   been all season. I am eager to change that!!!
6) Scott’s marathon training is going quite well, even with the insane heat we’ve had.  Finally, he’s injury free too!!!

7) Bradbury Fitness is going very well and we’re loving it!  Spots are still available if you need a coach!  Invest in yourself and your health!

8) Swimming long course outside is one of my favorite things to do and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it this summer.  We have a fun group with the Arlington Alligators Masters team!  I just wish our summers were much longer!
9) Runners High ‘n Tri, Village CycleSport, and Sub 5 with Janet Smith-Leet have been wonderful sponsors!  If you ever get a chance to purchase anything from them, please do so!  Their services and personalities are top-notch!
10) Thanks to Runner’s High ‘n Tri, I was able to attend, along with about a dozen others, a 40 minute run with 3x Hawaii Ironman champion Craig Alexander. Even better was that I was invited to swim with him, it was just the two of us and his coach!  Mary was in heaven!  Not only do I really admire this guy as a triathlete, but also as a devoted family man, and incredible person.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better ambassador to the sport!
11) There is so much more to write…in due time.  Feel free to leave suggestions for blog topics in the comments section below.  In the meantime, train smart, play hard, and laugh often!
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