A huge shout out to Scott who killed his best 10k time yesterday! Also, big shout outs to Stephen Ban, Bruce & Betsy Noxon, Kim & Mark Morgan, the Boush family, the Dublin crew, and Ashrof & son on many PR’s and podiums! What a day!!!


Just a peek…

…into my off-season: It all started with these:








which I always have after my last race of the season.

Then my lovely (mean) husband bought TWO bags of these:






which somehow vanished within a few days.

Good for the heart right?







A girl just trying to get her calcium intake, everyday…





About how much chocolate I’ve consumed lately:






In 2.5 quick weeks, this is what has become of me:






all of which equal this:






Not that I should be surprised…but wow, those pounds come on quickly!

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