Tuesday Tip!

Ok, this one is for the swimmers.  Working as a coach for 25+ years, one of the most common errors I see in the pool is poor body position.  When legs are low in the water, it creates much drag which makes it much more difficult to swim.  Here are some reasons your legs may be low:

  1. You’re looking forward and/or lifting your head to breathe. If the head is too high, the legs will sink.  Ensure your nose is pointed at the bottom of the pool. (You can still look slightly forward while doing this).  Also, keep one goggle in the water when breathing and turn your head directly to the side.  (No looking up at the ceiling)!
  2. You’re kicking from the knees. This could be due to poor ankle flexibility. Kicking should stem from the hips and toes should be pointed at the wall behind you.
  3. You’re holding your breath.  As soon as you put your head in the water, exhale.
  4. Upon hand entry, you’re pushing down rather than pulling back.


Happy swimming!!!

Coach Mary

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