It’s like this and like that and like this and uh…

Sorry, I just wanted a fun title. (Mom, it’s lyrics to a song).  😉

As you can tell, a huge hiatus was taken from my blogging scene. Several blogs were actually written since I posted my last one in August.  I just didn’t like any so they were pitched. I apologize if you missed hearing me babble. 😉

Hmmm, what to write about; more complaining about not having been able to run in nearly a year now?  Na.  About Scott not having been able to run since last fall due to surgery for plantar fasciitis?  Na.  About our wonderful daughters?  Always, but you see and hear about them often on FB.  (We are quite the proud parents though…in case you didn’t know).  About how cold it’s been?  Na.  It’s winter. It’s supposed to be cold!  About our dog?  Na. We had to put him down a few months ago and we remain heartbroken. About my trip to the ER a few weeks ago with chest pain?  Na. My ticker turned out to be just fine.  (Whew)! About our incredible cruise to the Caribbean last week?  Na. No one in this cold weather wants to hear us boast about that.  But I do need to say a HUGE thank you to Sandy for watching the girls all week! Ok, so I’m running out of ideas, not!  However, I am done writing for today, but I will write more soon.

Until then, stay warm and seek the positive things in your life. There are more than you think.


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