Every time I think about my next triathlon season, Katy Perry’s song You’re Going to Hear me Roar pops in to my head. I love it, it makes me feel strong and empowered.  Yes, I did some ranting in my last blog, but sometimes we need to just vent and get it all out before we move on.  I’ve had a couple of stressful months with a couple things in my life, things out of my control.  Usually I’d just let it go, but the actions of a couple people really hurt me.  Such is life. Anyway, I’m moving on now and music is helping and I’m seeking other things to make me Roar. 😉  Fortunately, I have plenty of positive things in my life which make me do so. Here are a few:

1) Sarah & Courtney are growing up so quickly!  Watching them learn, flourish, and enjoy everything they do makes my heart swell. I was cheering for them on the pool deck while they were swimming last night and when they saw me, they smiled.  Yes, while swimming, freestyle and again during backstroke.  I love it!

2) After a several dozen attempts, Courtney nailed a song on her violin the other night.  If I could only put her expression of joy in a jar!

3) Hearing my parents voices.  I know, this sounds cheesy, but they live far away and we only get to see them 2-3/year so talking to them always makes my day.

4) My jobs as a mom, triathlon coach, and swim coach bring me much joy. I have a great passion for all of them and I enjoy seeking ways in which to improve & learn.

5) Planning my next season is always fun and exciting. I’m slated for Ragnar for my first time (a 12- person relay running race from Madison to Chicago), the Chicago ITU race in June, Nationals, and the World Championships in the olympic distance, which will be in Edmonton, Canada.  There will be a few others races too, I just don’t have them all mapped out yet.  I know I have some untapped speed so I’m eager to work with my coach again this year and get it out!

I love about all these things and many more! Now go find what makes you Roar!


5 Replies to “Roar!”

  1. Always love to hear and read about your blog! My Timmy is graduating this Sunday from Purdue. He makes me ROAR! 🙂
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Wow! I loved it and talk about making my day! I love all your positive thoughts and actions!
    You are one outstanding MOM! Love the sentence where you wish you could bottle up C’s smile!
    You have a way with words. Proud of you! Also proud of your beautiful girls!

  3. LOVED THIS as I do all of your blogs!!! I didn’t know Court is learning violin!!! How terrific – what did she play? You of all people aren’t negative. Step back and look at what you were writing about – LIFE- LIFE has it’s good and it’s ugly. Observing the good is good, observing the ugly is ugly – it is what it is, and life isn’t perfect. But I hope you and Scott have a perfect Christmas with those darling girls. Sending love your way, A Susan

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