Random Rants

Although I’m a positive person the vast majority of the time, I’ve had lots of rants going through my head lately.  I will share some of them as self-therapy.

-Tis the season right?  Then why are people pushing and shoving one another through stores and fighting over parking spots?  Several years ago, my mom and I were in her car waiting for the only parking spot in a huge department store lot. Our blinker was on to show we were waiting for  someone to back out.  Once they did, someone else came from the other direction and pulled into the spot.  (Yes, they did see us as we made eye contact first).  My kind and patient mom yelled at them, ‘Merry Christmas.’  Ironically they gave us a dirty look.

-I’ve never understood why people circle parking lots at fitness centers waiting for the closest spots.  Aren’t they there to workout?  Why not take a spot in back and walk an additional 25-75 yards and call it a warm up?

-Blinkers, it seems many have forgotten how and when to use them.  Most of the time I witness drivers take a quick peek in their mirrors, start to merge into the next lane whether there is a car nearby or not, then put on their blinker.  Then they wonder why people honk and get mad at them!  Put the blinker on first in order to seek permission to move over, then look in the other lane for possible clearance.  I was run off the road last month because someone merged into my lane without looking or using a blinker. I was very fortunate no trees or phone polls were in my way.  Having to jump the curb to avoid an accident was pretty scary though.

-I’ve witnessed a few accidents and have been nearly hit several times because many people don’t practice how to properly make a turn.  When doing so, the law states to turn into the lane closest to you.

-Please, if you’re in, or considering to be in, a position to be teaching or coaching kids in any manner, especially younger ones, ensure your personality includes empathy, sympathy, patience, and humor.  Yes, children are resilient, but there are tons of adults out there getting therapy because of how some adult mistreated them when they were kids.

-If passing a cyclist, allow 3 feet between your car and their bike.  It’s the law in many states including Illinois. Yes, some cyclists are annoying and some break laws, but them doing so won’t harm anyone.  If a car breaks a law, lives are endangered.

On a very sad note: my sister-in-law and her family had to put their dog down last week.  It all came on very unexpectedly so they only had a few days to say goodbye.  Luke, you will be greatly missed!  xoxo

Allie & Luke:


Now if you’ve read all this, I apologize for the negativity.  It’s certainly not like me.  At the same time, thinking about some of these things can deter accidents and ill-behavior.  I’m certainly not perfect and am working on some of these things myself.  Ok, I ‘m done.  Next I’m going to take some deep breaths and move on.  It’s time to enjoy this holiday season!


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