Pleasant Prairie Tri

Oy, where to start? I was hesitant to do this race, I’m not sure why.  Perhaps my gut was telling me something…

As usual, I arrived about 75 minutes prior to the race start, which normally provides ample time to get everything set up, to warm-up, and to use the facilities with much time to spare.  I typically warm-up last so it’s close to race start time when my body needs to be ready.  So I got everything laid out and headed for the bathroom. The lines were quite long so thankfully I found Jenny Zapler and Stephanie Michelle who let me join them mi-line, whew!  25 minutes later, we’re still in line, not happy.  (I debated asking people if I could go ahead of them since I was in the first wave, but I didn’t have the guts.  Not smart in retrospect)!  Finally, a few minutes later, it was my turn.  Unfortunately the long wait didn’t allow me to warm-up. Grrr!  So I put on my wetsuit then jogged and jumped in place a little and ended with some arms swings and stretching.

My co-ed elite wave was pretty small in size, but large in contact.  It was quite the physical swim, at least for the first 5 minutes, much longer than normal.  I recall thinking how well I was sighting off the bat as I could see many buoys lined up to my left.  Yes!  But that first stretch was tough as some guy was swimming so close to me on my right that with every stroke he whacked me on the head!  He kept veering a couple of strokes right, then would come crashing back into me, again, again, and again.  I wanted to pick up the pace, yet I didn’t want this guy to dictate my race so I concocted a plan.  A turn buoy was about 50 yards away.  At that point I decided I would accelerate around the buoy and kick a little bit to see if I could pull ahead. It worked, whew!  Off to the next long stretch and again, I could see the buoys most of the time.  Sweet!  Closing in on the last turn buoy, no one was around, at least that I could see.  I made the turn and…where the heck were the buoys???  The sun was directly in my face and I couldn’t find any buoys or swimmers, nor the swim exit with the big building behind it.  Panic started to set in, but after a couple of minutes I felt relieved as I could see a boat coming up on my left.  I assumed it was on the buoy line and that I was swimming right on course.  As I got close, I saw two men aboard waving their hands at me so I lifted my head to see what was going on.  They yelled at me to go towards the nearest buoy, which was about 50 yards away.  So basically after making the last turn, instead of going straight, I went way left.  Grrrrr!  And to top it off, there were about 4 guys drafting off me.  Needless to say, they were not happy.  I won’t take responsibility for that though as I always tell people never to trust the person swimming in front of them, especially if it’s me!  (Ask Jen Harrison, she’s seen me do it several times and has been kind enough to help me out during a race)!  Needless to say, not a good swim and I took at least a minute+ hit on my time.

After a solid transition, I hopped on my bike. I kept the first few minutes on the easier side in order to get my high heart rate down.  It worked, but I also got passed by Lauren Jensen during that time.   (She is a former professional triathlete and is super strong on the bike). I expected her to pass me on the bike, but not that soon.  I knew to stick to my race plan and not bust a gut staying close to her. It was tempting though.  I was able to keep her in sight for the first 25 minutes, but then I quickly lost her.  I was going down a long low-grade hill so my speed was high. With that, I switched into my highest gear when bam, my chain fell off.  Crap!  Typically it’s not a big deal, but my pedals wouldn’t move at all and both cranks were parallel to the ground.  How would I dismount?  For whatever reason, I unclipped my left shoe then only removed my right foot from the shoe. I should have done the latter with both.  After slowing pumping my brakes a few times, I opted to do a flying dismount, which I do successfully at the end of every ride…except this time as I wiped out.  Ouchie!  I was ok, but shaken up and very mad, but I got my chain back on, moved my pedals around to ensure it worked, and off it came again.  Really?  Would this be my first DNF?  I tried again and was successful, but it took my head out of the game momentarily as about 4 riders passed me, one of whom was female.  More time lost, about 80 seconds per my Garmin.

Ok, back in the race Mary, shake it off.  I tried hard, but never found a groove.  My power was lower than usual, my heart rate was lower than usual, yet my effort was there. I opted to focus on what I could control, like hydration.  Really?  Another issue?  I couldn’t get more than a few drops of liquid out of my water bottle at a time, even with squeezing it.  Throughout the ride, I tried a plethora of times to hydrate to little avail.  To put it in perspective, I normally consume one bottle during my race rides.  This time I was only able to get about 20% of the liquid out of it. (And yes, I’ve used this bottle before with no qualms). Not good! Not good for the ride or for the upcoming run.

By the time I made my flying dismount, at the bike exit this time, I was THIRSTY.   At the start of the run I grabbed some water, as I did at every aid station.  I drank half and put half over my head as it was hot and there was no shade.  My legs felt decent and I thought I was going at a solid pace.  I even passed a couple of guys which is rare.  In the end, it wasn’t a good run either. The lack of hydration hurt me big time, so more time lost there.  It just wasn’t my day. It happens.

It’s all about perspective; just looking at the results and seeing I placed 4th, well, it sounds good and yes, that is good.  But looking at all my errors & issues and the time it cost me, well, it simply wasn’t a good race.  On the flip side, I am very fortunate I came away with just a little road rash and bruising on the wipe out and am even more blessed that my body allows me to race at all. I am always thankful for that!

A big shout out to sherpa Scott who loaned a stranger one of my spare wheels right before the race started!  That’s why I love the triathlon community!  They are so nice and helpful!  It was great to see so many friends out there hanging tough too; Amy O, Kim & Mark M, Mike, Jeremy, Mark G, Jenny, Stephanie, Tiffanie, Amy D (whom I hadn’t seen since high school), Brian, Marc, Dave, Christy, Rob, Marsha, Janet, Drew (he was very inspirational buddying up with a para-triathlete), etc. Sorry if I missed anyone!

Congrats to all who raced and to all who supported us! And thank you to my sister-in-law Allie for taking such good care of our girls that morning!

Onward and upward!


16 Replies to “Pleasant Prairie Tri”

  1. 4th overall is still a great result. You still had the fastest overall female swim, and all the swim times were slow so don’t be too hard on yourself. Me and the girls are proud of your effort!

  2. Tough race, but you did it! Because you don’t get mad, you get even! Kudos to my rock star niece-in-law. And thx for sharing!

  3. Mary,
    What a race! It still seems like 4th is awesome……… least to us who are not able to walk around the block!!
    It’s amazing that you’re still doing it all…….congrats!! xoxo Mary Ellen

  4. Flying dismount mid ride? Ballsy. Next time leave the shoes on and just unclip as if you were at a traffic light. Crashing = no bueno.

  5. Congrats on doing well given your many additional obstacles! Perhaps you got them out of your system and will really rock your next few races. Pleasant Prairie was my favorite oly race last year. I don’t remember the sun being blinding last year, but I definitely remember those bathroom lines 🙂

    Hope your race wounds heal nicely.

  6. Gee Mary! Tough stuff during the race and you still finished strong!!!! Amazing!! I’m still disappointed that I didn’t get to do that race but it was fun camping.

    Great job! It was nice to see that my friends Jeremy and Mark did well also.

    Thanks for the update!

  7. Thank you for sharing. It looks so easy for some – amazing how well you did, with the difficulties you encountered. Thanks for the inspiration and energy you share.

  8. Mary, loved your blog post. Wow! What a race. 4th ain’t too shabby, but it’s frustrating when you could’ve podiumed and besides, it’s just hard when things don’t go like they should.

    Good job, despite all that stuff. You’re an inspiration!

    : )

  9. Mary,

    Don’t know how you do it. But I love reading about it. Hope you, or someone, are keeping hard copies of these “blogs” for posterity. xo A Susan

  10. I agree, NO need to be so hard on yourself – 4th OA with all that junk going on — KUDOS to you for keeping it all together and rising above it all.
    AND, what are you talking about??????????? YOU swimming off course? NO WAY. LOL :))

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