No regrets

As most of us triathletes are busy planning our seasons, we’re also looking back, looking back to see where we could make improvements over last season.  What, if anything, could we have done differently?  It can really difficult being honest with ourselves and if we truly are, there most likely is something, if not a few things, we should’ve done differently.  Did you adhere to your season plan?  Did you race too often?  Did you workout too intensely, too often, or not enough?  Did you ‘reward’ yourself with junk food after a good workout or race, and do so on several occasions? Did you typically use food as fuel or use it as a reason to train?  Yes, we all have lives and need to live a little, but the more you skimp on these things, the less likely you are to obtain your goals.   Here’s another way to look at it, if you were to give yourself a report card, how would you grade yourself?  (Careful Bradbury Fitness athletes, we’re seriously considering giving you report cards on occasion).  😉   It’s not meant to be a tool to beat yourself up, rather one of constructive criticism.  It’ll also help keep your focus intact throughout the season.  Heck, this can be done with just about any goal in life.  So go jot down some goals.  Now, are they realistic?  Even if so, are you committed to doing what it will take to get there? I think this is where people really get lost as there is often a big difference in the results we want/can obtain vs the commitment we’re truly willing to put forth to get there.  For instance, there is a time in my head I think I could get in an Ironman distance race.  But, I know at this point in my life, I’m not willing to make the sacrifices to get there.  If and when I decide to make that leap, I want; 1) my kids to be in school all day so I can train while they’re there 2) to have a great training plan 3) to have a dietician to ensure I don’t mess everything up due to what I do/don’t consume 4) my family’s full support 5) to ensure I begin without any nagging injuries 6) to be super organized to ensure my athletes still get everything they need, etc.  Now I know I could cross the line without most of this stuff, but I can’t train like that, so lackadaisical for how I’d really want to perform.  I’d be so disappointed with the results knowing I could do better if I had prepared better. I’d have regrets.

I have regrets every year anyhow. There are a few things I need to improve upon and it’s like banging my head against the wall at the end of every season wondering why, once again, I didn’t make the necessary changes.

So, whatever your goals/expectations, ensure the reality of your commitment coincides.  You don’t want to have the season end with regrets, again.

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