A typical roller-coaster of a year, but always much for which to be grateful. Below are a few good memories from ’12!   Happy New Year from the Bradburys!!!

IMG_5180IMG_4658 IMG_1341 IMG_2507 IMG_2539 IMG_4202 IMG_5608 IMG_4355 IMG_4369 IMG_5827 IMG_4675 IMG_1675 IMG_5895 IMG_1756 IMG_6129 IMG_6034 Te 'cousins,' Court, Jack, Hope, & Sarah Two of my fav HS swimming friends, Anne & Jenny. Izzy, their future tri mentor??? Bets & MB Go Mommy Go!!!  Love it!!! The clan Stretching with the twins IMG_2432 FamMary.TaupoAllie and CharlieS&C BWGA masters JiuJitsuSwimLessonsSkyline Rotorua IMG_5662 IMG_5589 IMG_1733 IMG_5771 IMG_5871 IMG_4642 IMG_4833 IMG_2122_5 IMG_4506  IMG_5617 IMG_3027 IMG_3894 IMG_5547 IMG_5571 IMG_3510 IMG_2694 IMG_2636 Africa29 IMG_6213  IMG_2130 IMG_1334 IMG_1989 IMG_1908 IMG_1845 3DC_0184 IMG_5907 IMG_1829  Anne and kids IMG_1889 IMG_1004


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