I had a difficult time posting this so close to the horrific event which took place last Friday.  (I wrote most of this weeks ago).   I simply can’t imagine and my heart bleeds for all those families.  We are blessed and very fortunate to have our little angels, I tell them so every day.

The sole impetus for this blog was to keep family and friends abreast of the happenings of Sarah and Courtney, starting when they were the size of peas…now they are 5!   So here are a few tidbits as of late:

1) We put them in separate kindergarten classes and they are loving it.  The decision has been a fruitful one as it eliminates in-class competition of all kinds.  Plus Courtney has really come out of her shell which has been wonderful to witness.  (At home, with Sarah being the ‘older’ sibling, she plays the bossy role and Courtney typically obliges.  Not any more!  It’s pretty equal now).   Westbrook is a wonderful school and we’re quite impressed with it and its teachers. Fortunately, I get to observe the girls in their newer settings too as I volunteer once a week in each of their classes.  I love it!

2) This fall they are taking Jiu Jitsu (which is mainly a self defense course), soccer, and swimming, each once per week. Great strides have been made in each and more importantly, they are having a blast. Sarah wanted to partake in football too until she recently watched some on tv. She said, ‘mom, that’s looks pretty dangerous.’ Come January, they’ll continue with their activities and add t-ball and basketball too.

3) They love bricks (back to back bike then run workouts)!  They even do flying mounts and dismounts from watching so many races.  They could teach me a thing or two now. In fact, they’ve asked to do their first triathlon next summer! They need to work on their swimming first though. 😉

4) Reading, is their new favorite activity.  They are progressing at different rates, but both put forth a mighty effort.

5) Court lost her first 2 teeth in October (one while we were in New Zealand and one the night we returned), Sarah lost her first a couple weeks ago.  And, she pulled it out!

6) They continue to grow like weeds and eat like it too!  Court’s favorite food is asparagus and Sarah’s is pear!  They love just about everything else too.

There is so much more, but as aging ensues, I can’t remember everything I want to write.  😉

Happy Holidays!

5 Replies to “Angels”

  1. Your girls are at such a fun age! I sometimes sub in the kindergarten class and it’s always a treat for me. Enjoy the holidays with them! 🙂

  2. Love the updates on the girls. We kept the twins together in Kindergarden (had no real choice) as there was only 1 class in our school, but in 1st grade we separate them and it was GREAT……….Morgan came into her own and was not bothered by her pesky brother!!

    I loved that age – ENJOY Christmas with the girls too — AND SANTA!


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