Sometimes I get slack for being so positive on many of my posts, as if I have a perfect life. (There is no such thing).  Believe me,  I’m not someone who has ever worn rose-colored glasses or expects life to be all rainbows and flowers.  I’m a realist.  Shit happens, and often, that’s life.  I usually just choose not to focus on it, especially if I can’t change it.  What’s the point?  Why not seek the positive and try to change the negative?  But then there are weeks like this one where it’s really difficult to be anything other than sad, angry, and just depressed.  We’ve had bad news galore with various illnesses progressing with family and friends, a death of a friends husband, and the closest piece being the passing of Scott’s uncle last night.  There truly is no one like him.  Everyone loved him, his wit, his zest for life, his humor, his character, his aura, his incredible talent in story-telling, etc.  I recall him celebrating our wedding like no one else too.  He was the first one to cut a rug by doing the ‘Fly Fisherman’, the ‘Sprinkler’, and the like.  And, he never did leave the dance floor all night.  It’s a huge testament that in his last days,  his male family members grew mustaches in his honor (as he’s always had a mighty one), my sister and brother-in-law wrote and sang a song for him, my nephew called him to sing him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Courtney yelled at him not to die,  and immediately after the call about his death last night, Scott made a loving video of him to share with the family.  (There were several other gifts of love like this as well).   People like this don’t come along often.  The good news is we all recognized that and appreciated him greatly while he was here.  He was, and always will be, loved. RIP Steve Staub.


3 Replies to “11.13.12”

  1. Steve Staub was everything Mary said, and more. Who else but Steve would try to burn down the outdoor swimming pool at Skokie Country Club (in his youth).

    He leaves a big hole for a lot of us. Well said, Mary.

  2. Scott, I didn’t know your uncle, but I know that people with his zest for life are rare and dearly missed when they’re gone. You, Mary and your family have my deepest sympathies. Hang on to his memories as they sound like they were amazing!!

  3. Oh Mary, Steve and Rich are up there hamming it up and making everyone laugh. If Steve has a bike rich is taking them on 100 ( = 120 mile ) rides!
    I Am so sorry for your loss. Give Scott my best.

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