The break-up

It’s been coming, and thoughts of it were exciting and sad at the same time.  It was mutual and quite amicable when Scott and I opted to break up.  Yep, after 8 great years, we decided to terminate the coach-athlete relationship.  In many aspects, I could not have had a better coach.  He not only knew all my workouts and race data, he knew what I did daily, and sacrificed, day in and day out first hand.  There was no fibbing or trying to hide anything.  He knew if my eating, sleeping, stress, or anything else was not up to par and could, and did, call me on it.  Now many couples wouldn’t be able to have this type of relationship.  It certainly would not have worked had I been coaching him, but I, I loved being coached by my husband.  I liked that he knew everything, I liked that he called me on my shenanigans (not that there were many), I liked him knowing first hand when to back off or tell me to work harder, etc. It was all good!  Plus, he took me from someone who was just participating in the sport, to an athlete who barely made it to Nationals (I didn’t even know about Nats for many years), to an athlete who placed well at Nats, to someone who placed top 10 at the World Championships in the olympic and half -ironman distances, AND I accomplished much of this after I had our twins.  Pretty cool if you ask me and I can’t thank Scott enough for getting me this far and being my #1 cheerleader, sherpa, husband, and coach the entire time.  I’m quite fortunate!

However,  we all know, good things must often come to an end.  We both felt there were few stones left unturned in this journey and it was time to try something, and someone new. But even though we have parted ways, I know Scott will remain my #1 cheerleader, sherpa, and husband.  I think it’ll be less stress for him to ‘deal with’ me as an athlete too. 😉  Regardless, it’s all good and I’m fortunate I have so much support!  Thanks for so many great years Scott!

Now, off to enjoy my off-season!


3 Replies to “The break-up”

  1. When I started reading this blog, I thought you guys were splitting up. Whew! Glad to see that you’re just changing coaches. Have you picked a new coach yet?

  2. Wow oh wow, this IS big news. But, as they say, a fresh set of eyes (i.e. a new coach) looking at things can most always be helpful. Bet you’ll get a lot out of a new caoch at first. But, bet you’ll also see what a good coach Scott was!! And, I think he’ll still “coach” you a bit. Ooohh, maybe now he’ll have time to coach ME!! Nope, would have to go with YOU on that one!! Good Luck!!

  3. Wha, wha, wha!!?? Okay, although I’m surprised, I can also see how it will be a positive move for all. Congrats on the change and good luck!

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