Andy Potts!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Andy Potts, a professional triathlete, a few times over the past few years.  What a genuine guy and great ambassador to triathlon!  Yea, he went to Michigan (boo), but being an Illini alum, I’ll let it slide only because I admire him so much, plus he’s a fellow swimmer. 😉

Anyway, he was kind enough to answer of a few of your questions:

Q: When/where was your moment of truth/when did you know you wanted to go pro and why? And what will you do upon retiring?

A: Retiring?  What is that?  I plan to do this sport for the rest of my life.  I found triathlon back in 2002 and as soon as I did my first one I was hooked.  I did three races in 2002 and then turned pro in 2003.  I started doing triathlons not because I knew it would provide me a career but because I needed an outlet for my competitiveness.  I had worked a few jobs after graduating from The University of Michigan and I was still unsure what to do for a job and then I found triathlon, before I knew it, triathlon had become my career.

Q:What are your hobbies outside of the tri world?

A: I love hanging out with my kids (I have two).  I enjoy reading and mostly hanging out with my family.

Q: What’s your greatest mental challenge and how do you overcome it?

A: I am challenged mentally everyday.  There are obstacles that I have to overcome on a daily basis and making small steps can be just as important as huge hurdles.  Knowing when and how to push my mind and body so I can constantly improve is difficult but I keep at it and celebrate small and big victories alike.


Thanks Andy and best of luck this season!

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