The inaugural Bradbury Fitness Tri Camp!

What great weekend!  I had high expectations for all the staff in involved, but they not only met those, they surpassed them!  So here’s a HUGE shout out to Pom & Mark Rouse of Runner’s High n Tri, Janet Leet-Smith of Sub5, Amy Baltes of Vince Boyer and staff from Village CycleSport in Elk Grove Village, and of course Coach Scott Bradbury from Bradbury Fitness.

In case you missed the advertising, this was a unique camp as it was all focused on technique.  Everything from shoe fitting, running biomechanics, nutrition, swim video-taping and analysis, bike technique, bike fittings, and transition tips were all included.

And what made this camp so great?  Not only the expertise and passion of the coaches, but the athletes were awesome as well!  We had a great mix of people with varying experiences…best of luck to all of them in the year ahead!

Here are a few pics from the great weekend:

This weekend would not have been possible without the help of the Augsburgers and Sandy who watched Sarah and Courtney so we could put on this camp!  Thank you SOOOOOO much!

5 Replies to “The inaugural Bradbury Fitness Tri Camp!”

  1. Take it from one of the less-experienced triathletes at the camp, it was definitely a great experience! The swim video and analysis and in-pool drills were highlights for me, along with the hands-on bike-tire changing (that’s me in that photo). Mary and Scott were great teachers and each and every other “guest coach/speaker” brought an amazing amount of passion and knowledge to the table. Great team, Mary. I’m proud to have been in your inaugural camp. Thanks again for the help.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and good info Mary! Wish i lived closer. Havent checked in for a bit ( bad blog reader!) but hope you and Scott and the cuties are doing awesome! Wish you were going to KS again but sounds like you are doing well with the diet and running. YES!

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