We’ve been receiving several inquiries about our triathlon camp this weekend and if we think it’s for them at whatever level they are.  So here’s our two cents:

We put this camp together as we see so many athletes training and racing with improper technique in all the disciplines regardless of experience or speed.  If Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, and all the pros still get help with technique, then we all certainly need it too.  Proper technique is not focused on enough in general yet it’s the easiest way not only to get faster, but to prevent injuries which will create longevity in the sport as well.  People of all levels would benefit from this camp.  Plus think of how many people spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on their bikes, race kits, running shoes, workout attire, etc yet don’t know how to efficiently use their engines.  Without those, the fancy equipment won’t help much. So yes, we certainly think this camp would be for you!  😉

Yes, there are still a few spots left!  Sign up via PayPal using mbtri@mac.com to register.

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