Apples to Oranges

Most of us do it, especially women.  We compare ourselves to others. Do you ever see a guy walk by and hear another guy say, ‘wow, I wish I had his legs!’   Now if you take the comparison off physical appearance and put it on athletic prowess, then you have another story.  Again and again, I hear athletes inquiring why they aren’t as fast as so and so, yet the majority of the time, they have no idea what that persons background or experience is.  Perhaps they have a background in track, perhaps they train more and/or smarter than you, perhaps they don’t have a family or have to work late hours, perhaps they have a coach, perhaps they eat/drink better, perhaps they are less stressed and/or sleep more, perhaps they’ve been training for years, perhaps they just have more talent, perhaps they are mentally stronger, etc.  Whatever the case may be, it’s typically a matter of comparing apples to oranges.

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