Tick tock!

Tick tock, as my friend Jen Harrison keeps kindly reminding me.  😉  Yes, tomorrow (the 28th) is my 40th and I’ve had such mixed feelings about it all year.  Yes all year, thanks to USAT (USA Triathlon).  You see, we have to race the age we are as of December 31st so in my head I’ve already pretty much been 40 all year.  But today, today has been a roller-coaster, the last hours in my 30’s.  Yes, I am being somewhat dramatic, but that’s how I feel.  All in all, I can’t complain one iota though!  I have a wonderful family and friends, a new business,  and other jobs I love!  I know I am fortunate and I try hard not to take anything for granted.

So, here are some random thoughts I recall from past decades.  As a teen, the thought of aging never really occurred to me, age 20 seemed cool, 30 old, and 40, well, that was certainly over the hill! In general, everything was a big bowl of cherries.  In my 20’s, freedom!  I loved working, the new responsibilities,  being able to travel on a whim,  I was filled with knowledge (or so I thought), and later in that decade, I married Scott and we started a 6 year adventure in Seattle.  The 30’s entailed some self-doubt as I realized how much I didn’t know, but in part because some of my perspectives changed.  Also because I was no longer fulfilled with my accounting career. (I’m not certain I ever was). Fortunately, my love for coaching swimming returned as well as a new zest for not only participating in triathlons, but coaching athletes for them too!  And here I am in the last hour of my 30’s loving it all!  40 IS young, my mind is young, and although my body is starting to feel older, I’m still quite active and loving it!  In the end, I realize turning 40 is just another day in my life and it’s all good.

Oh, and I forgot to share my birthday wish!  I would love for all of you to do 2 things this week; 1) Let someone know how much you appreciate them.  2) Do a good deed for a stranger.  Here are some ideas; anonymously pay for someones coffee or meal,  carry an elder persons groceries to their car, volunteer to babysit someones kids for a couple of hours, do some charity work, donate blood, etc.  You get the idea.  😉

Thanks for reading!!!

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