This is the time of year when many athletes are taking a break in training, which is all good.  Some people never stop and a few have races coming up soon.  Regardless of where you are in your season, it’s a good time to really think about what inspires you to train or workout.  What and/or who is it that truly inspires/motivates you???

For me, well, I’ve had a few months off due to a back injury.  So I am rearing to go and pretty much EVERYTHING has been inspiring me.  TV is rarely on my agenda, but I watched The Biggest Loser tonight and was completely impressed and inspired as the contestants ran a freakin’ marathon!!! Now I’ve been fortunate to accomplish many things in my life, but a marathon is not one of them.  (Honestly, I’ve had no desire).   Regardless,  this feat was truly amazing to watch!

Now, if you’re more of a couch potato and think you can’t even do a 5k, well you are sadly mistaken (with very few exceptions). I’m not necessarily encouraging you to do one, but I would love for you to find some activity which excites you enough to get off the couch and get your heart pumping for a little while.  Grab a family member, friend, or colleague, and do something.  Go for a walk, take a hike, walk up some stairs or parking ramps, try cross-country skiing,  jump rope with your kids, try yoga…you get the gist.  There really is no excuse.  If your health is important to you, you will find a way.  Just seek that inspiration and get out there!

Now, get to your keyboard and leave a comment as to what inspires you.  Your comment may very well inspire another reader!  😉

6 Replies to “Inspiration”

  1. Sports have always been a huge part of my life but, 4 years ago my oldest son was diagnosed with MD. After years of heartache and guilt I am back in the gym because that is where my Pete wants me to be. He is also his little brothers biggest fan now that he is wrestling. Everyday that Pete can still walk is a blessing. I must remain strong and healthy so that when the time comes, I will be here to help him in any way possible.

  2. I love the Biggest Loser and the Marathon episode is one of my favorites every season. I always think, well, if they can do it, I certainly can!!! We shall see…we shall see. LOL!!

  3. Yesterday I had blood taken at the local hospital, all routine prior to a January physical exam. It was busy and the waiting room had maybe 20 people. There were different races, genders, and ages, but they all had one thing in common. They were all overweight. Some more than others but there was not a really fit person in the room. I do not want to fall into that category. Come on, Cooper (our dog), let’s go for a walk.

  4. All of you are inspirations yourself. Each of us has challenges to deal with. By taking good care of ourselves we can live stronger, happier lives.
    After having children I added a couple of pounds on every year. My weight was up to 185lbs. I thought I looked like one of the beautiful women Ruben painted. RIGHT! The truth is I looked like a fat old woman.
    A couple of years ago I met a trainer and started working out. Then a friend gave me a Body Bugg for my birthday. I have lost over 40lbs and kept the weight off. Right now I am trying to drop another 10 lbs to improve my run speed. I do Sprint Triathlons and will do my first half marathon in Clearwater in January. I am not fast, but I keep pushing a head. I am 62 and look 20 years younger. I am happier than I have been in years.

  5. Mary, love your blog. Great post! Four years ago, I was 36, and just had my second child and had just left my job. I was in terrible shape and felt lost, like I had lost my identity. One day, I realized I could hardly lift my 2 year old up off the ground without my legs shaking. I was determined to find myself and get back into shape. I could not swim, I did not own a bike and ran very short distances once every month or so but decided to get over my fear of all things swim and complete a sprint triathlon – which I think I finished 700 out of 1200. With a lot of determination and making my workouts a priority, 4 years later, I swim with masters (flip turns and all) and run and bike 6 days a week – except for my current rest time. This past season I finished in the top 3 in my age group in my last OLY distance triathlon and accomplished a 7:39 run pace in my last 15K/9.3 mile race – the same race I did 2 years ago at a 9:30 pace. This did not happen overnight, it was slow, steady. I will be completing my very first 1/2 ironman next year along with some other OLY race distance triathlons. What motivates me – myself. I want to be better, faster, stronger, healthier, happier. I found myself again! If I can do it, anyone can!

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