Pity party

I’ve been having my own little pity party lately as my back hasn’t allowed me to do the things I love, namely, being active. I know I am fortunate to have and enjoy many other things in my life, however that doesn’t take the sting away. I’ve been an athlete my entire life so when you take that away, I feel totally stripped of my inner core. The bad news is that it’s been ongoing since late spring. The good news is that it didn’t affect my training much. Oddly, it hurts more now that I’m not doing anything. Maybe the endorphins took over while training, who knows. All I know is now is that I’m 100% focused on not just alleviating the pain, but finding a means to fixing the issue. (It started as a back spasm, then 3 bulging discs appeared, but now they are gone. So, back to the beginning…). I’m in cahoots with a an orthopod, a chiro, PT, and a running coach to address the issues so cross your fingers for a quick resolution. But really, what’s making matters far worse is that I’ve had good friends diagnosed with some pretty heavy stuff this year, from MS to cancer, and everything in between. I don’t know how people get through this stuff! My thoughts, prayers, and hugs to them and their families! To wrap things up, you are NOT allowed to join my party. It’s only for me and my A list guests below. Besides, it’ll be over soon…and, things could be a lot worse. And therefore maybe I’ll try this: PS A huge congrats to Bruce Noxon for an awesome race today! He placed 7th with a 4:39 at the Halfmax National Championships and grabbed himself a spot to the World Championships!!! So proud of you Dr. Noxon!!! Tom Chisholm too!

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